Quick Touchup Ideas to aid Home Staging Efforts

You’re eager to get your home sold quickly with a minimum of fuss. You’ve been over the comparables with your Realtor®; and the listing looks and reads great. It’s getting close to showing time—and although you know that your Twin … Continued

Staging is a Home’s Packaging

Staging is to a home what packaging is to a supermarket product: a vital element that can supersede all others. Product managers rely on advertising and marketing efforts to create awareness among consumers, just as homeowners use their Realtor’s marketing … Continued

4 Ways to Sell Your House in Wintertime

Some folks live for our frigid Minnesota winters. For them, the brisk air is a tonic; longer night times are invitations to enjoy the warmth and cheer of fireside camaraderie; the prospect of winter sports is something they look forward … Continued

Getting Your Home “Show” Ready

Getting properties ready for open houses or other showings takes a bit of determination—especially when it comes to paring down all the ‘stuff’ that has accumulated through the years. It’s a push-pull between I still use that every day! and … Continued

Welcome to our New Website!

We are thrilled to introduce you to our new, interactive, and easy to use website. Our desire is that you will find this a one stop shop for your Real Estate needs. Owned by Broker and Attorney Deno Howard, Minnesota … Continued