Real Estate Market News is Upbeat, Downbeat (and Sideways)

At the beginning of any month, Twin Cities onlookers can find batches of fresh reports about national real estate market activity. Take October, for instance. We’ve just learned a bunch about what happened across the country. September’s numbers won’t be … Continued

The 8-Second Decision for Twin Cities Home Showings

“Buyers make their decisions in exactly eight seconds. After that, they’ve either fallen in love or are just honoring an appointment.” You’re likely to come across that quotation (from prominent Manhattan Realtor® Barbara Corcoran) whenever you’re researching how to add … Continued

3 Good Reasons to Avoid Homes for Sale by Owner

Let’s start out by agreeing that a “For Sale by Owner” sign in front of a home does have a certain appeal. It summons up mental images of a simple, direct relationship: no middle men, just straight talk and fair … Continued

Twin Cities Real Estate Blossoms!

When the first spring day comes along (as opposed to the first day of spring), a goodly proportion of The Twin Cities residents feel the annual pull toward the garden store aisles. Even those who’ve stoutly resisted ordering seeds, gardening … Continued

Looking to Relocate? Let Us Help You Find the Where!

Once you’re mentally prepared for the relocating experience (to self: “it’s definitely the right move”), where is the first order of business. Perhaps you’ve outgrown your home anyway—the family simply needs more space. Perhaps relocating is necessary for work reasons; … Continued

Twin Cities Homes Get Organized via New Mobile Apps

A 2013 National Association of Realtors (NAR) and Google survey found that 68% of people looking to buy a home found themselves using one or another of today’s popular mobile apps at some time during their odyssey. 2013 was ancient … Continued